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The Centennial Gift episode · England

8:05am July 29, 2014


Smiles of SNK

11:17pm July 28, 2014
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  • Artist: Jose Gonzalez
  • Album: Veneer
  • Track Name: Heartbeats (The Knife cover)


"Heartbeats (The Knife cover)" by Jose Gonzalez

I really love both versions of this song. This one just seems to fit the fall/winter season better whereas the original version has more of a spring/summer feel.

The guitar had me hooked right from the start. The acoustic sound is amazing. And Jose’s voice fits perfectly. I find that I get nostalgic whenever I hear this song.

11:02pm July 28, 2014


ok, so today at the daycare that i volunteer at it was ‘princess and superhero’ day and this little boy walked in in this sparkling blue dress and my favorite thing is that none of the kids reacted at all, they just told him he looked pretty and went on with they’re day and that is why children are better than adults

11:02pm July 28, 2014

What are your headcanons about me?




Just curious. 

This sounds really fucking awesome.

Guys make headcanons about me.


10:31am July 28, 2014
Her skin was much darker, but I suck at both skin and coloring and didn’t want to mess it up.

Her skin was much darker, but I suck at both skin and coloring and didn’t want to mess it up.

9:30am July 28, 2014

“Wonder Woman is there to kick ass not give you a boner”

— favorite response to some dude saying the Wonder Woman costume isn’t sexy enough on Facebook (via agentturner)
9:26am July 28, 2014
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  • Artist: Homestuck
  • Album: Homestuck Vol. 9
  • Track Name: Moonsetter




This song makes me so happy whenver I hear it I love this song so much

even if you don’t like Hamstuck, listen to this. it’s seriously gorgeous.

This sounds like it belongs in a quirky Nintendo rpg.

9:15am July 28, 2014
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  • Artist: Queen
  • Album: News of the World
  • Track Name: We Will Rock You


we will rock you // queen

you got blood on your face
you big disgrace
wavin’ your banner all over the place

8:52am July 28, 2014


Last night my little sister (5th grade) was making an e-mail account

She saw gender and went to click female when she noticed the “other” choice

She looked at me confused and I started to explain that some people don’t think they fit in with strictly male or female

"Oh! You mean like transgender and stuff like that. I was freaked out for a second- I thought they meant robots."

Yet another example the kids are more open-minded than adults

10:24pm July 27, 2014
10:21pm July 27, 2014


Even with all the hype about the nyo!boys we can’t forget our hetaladies

10:07pm July 27, 2014

bioshock infinite + ads

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[echoes of eleven blowing up cybermen to get information in the distance]

People who don’t love Nine are the dumbest.

People think that Nine is dark sullen and a killer. They’re wrong. Nine not dark. He’s light and happy and in love. He wear a leather jacket and is the closest Doctor the the Time War but he is not dark. He is a light person who is fighting his dark past. He knows what he’s done and is fighting to write his wrongs. He just wants everyone to live.

Eleven on the other hand is the exact opposite. People think he’s a puppy in a fez. They’re wrong. He is not happy and joyful. He’s careless. He is having adventures while ruining lives and killing people. He is the man who forgets. He has forgotten the pain he felt after what he did and now is so comfortable killing.

He doesn’t remember Nine. Nine, the Doctor with depression. Nine, the Doctor who fell in love with an nineteen year old shop girl who didn’t need a magic back story to be special. Nine, the Doctor who went and saved his friends without killing. Nine, the Doctor who chose to lose instead of causing loss.

Nine chooses to give up being a god. Eleven pretends he is a god. Nine would make a merciful god. Eleven acts like a vengeful god. Nine is a puppy in a leather jacket. Eleven is a a killer in a fez.

Wow, that just summed up my feelings on where Doctor Who has gone better than anything else I’ve read.